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Pic's Peanut Butter

The rapid international growth of Pic's Peanut Butter meant moving to a bigger factory, was necessary. With that came our partnership, to create a new and exciting environment. From the world's largest jar of peanut butter to the smallest interior details, we have worked closely with the Pic's team to bring their new vision to life. 


Port Nelson is the region's gateway to the world. Recently the organisation has gone through a rebranding and major additions to their property profile.

We have been involved with managing parts of the project and with production and installation of signages and some building cladding too. Majority of the project included pylon sign, Quayconnect - router cut ACM sign, printed cladding around Port Nelson HQ, navigational signs, various safety and information signs and window graphics.


Woter is a New Zealand business focusing on sustainable and ethical production and distribution.  We worked close with the owners to develop an overall brand concept and cohesive design. 

Packaging, web design and signage were all a part of the process to help bring their business come to life. 


New World unravelled their bright and bold new branding in 2016. We were involved with the upgrade of the Nelson City store. This involved the production of intricate, multilayered signage for both indoors and outdoors. We also manufactured the illuminated signs and signage in the car park area. Most of the installation was done outside business hours from 10:30 pm until 4 in the morning.