Teardrop Flags, Feather Flags and Banners

Gain visibility with durable teardrop or feather flags, banners, signs, and exhibition displays

Draw attention to your event or business…

Flags, banners and footpath signs are a simple and cost-effective way to draw attention to your event or business.  These custom-designed eye-catchers can be used in any setting, indoors and outdoors, spreading brand awareness wherever you go. We supply high quality, durable New Zealand made flags which are suitable for our New Zealand conditions. This is all part of our signage design and production services.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent teardrop or feather flags, signs and banners to enhance your business fit-out or streetscape, or you need a pack-up-and-go solution for markets, events, or tradeshows, we have the perfect versatile and durable solution to suit your needs.

We provide a range of flags and promotional banners




Footpath signs


trade shows

textile walls

one frame

pop up


pull up


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When it comes to branded gear, we have catalogues upon catalogues of options for you to choose from. If you’re looking for something specific to promote your event or business, simply get in touch and talk to us about your needs and we’ll help make your ideas happen

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